FineRecovery 5.0

Recovers lost or damaged files from various storage devices and partitions
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Many of us have accidentally deleted files and later regretted it. It may also happen that a virus attack ruins an entire folder full of files we need. Those are things that happen whether you like it or not. But there's a solution for those kinds of problems, and the solution is FineRecovery. It is a powerful and efficient application that scans any disk to find lost and deleted files and helps you recover them.

The procedure is very easy. Just select the disk or disks you want to scan, then select a folder and then hit the scan button. The program will finally show the results. Then you need to select the output directory to save the required file to. It is important that you choose a different disk for recovery, since choosing the same one decreases the chances of success. There is a Find button at the top of the program's window that will let you search for a certain file name.

FineRecovery is very useful, and as for most of good things, you need to spend money to get it. There is a free trial version though, but you don't get a lifetime guarantee, technical assistance or unlimited uses. However, you can download it to try for a while.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • It scans disks to find lost or deleted files
  • It works fast


  • The graphical interface is very basic
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